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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

If you are looking for a kind, humanity enhancing Harvard Law graduate attorney who has developed an inspired, flawless, easy and fast way to get your 501c3, the only lawyer to contact is David G Marmon. He has the patient and fast response that is worthy of continuing thanks and praise. I know of no other professional in any field that equals the caring and concern for your needs in accomplishing your goals. There are NO ways I could suggest to improve his carefully designed system. I must add that I was not an easy client as I am 81 years old and computer illiterate. If David G Marmon got me through getting a 501c3 so quickly, he can do it for anyone.
Violet S.
Encinitas, CA
You did an excellent job of taking me through the maze step by step. I will certainly sing your praises to anyone wanting to start a tax-exempt organization.
Dr. Nancy P.
Des Moines, WA
Everything went smoothly. I wouldn’t be able to improve upon your great service. Thank you for all of your help!!
Denise D.
Pleasanton, CA
All the information was clear and understandable. When coupled with telephone calls and e-mails to obtain answers to questions, it was simple. Everything was very well programmed.
Sab T.
Brea, CA

Types of Nonprofits Served

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General 501c3

Charitable | Educational | Scientific

Certainly, general nonprofits are the most numerous, but there is no reason they can’t be among the most exciting.

501c3GO is here to set up your charitable, educational or scientific nonprofit in the easiest, quickest, and best way possible.

We help you get started in fulfilling your dream of helping others and making this a far better world than you found it.

Over the past 40 years we’ve helped more than 3,000 nonprofits start their charitable operations, and we’d like to put that experience to work for you.

Faith-Based Nonprofits

Ministries | Missions | Churches

Religious-based nonprofits are how we got our start more than 40 years ago.

We launched the Flying (Missionary) Nurse of the Philippines, and that helped us launch our ministry for faith-based 501c3s.

We were El Shaddai Ministries for many years and helped only those nonprofits that were ministries, missions, or churches.

During those years, we served everybody from missionaries to far-flung outposts and forgotten places to those ministering to inner-city gangs and the homeless—as well as untold numbers of churches.

We’ve seen it all and have launched them all.

Case Study Image
Case Study Image

Attorneys and CPA's

You Keep Your Client | We Do The Work

Being led by a Harvard-trained lawyer, it is our special pleasure to serve other professionals when it comes to tax-exempt status.

If you’re a lawyer, CPA, accountant, or other professional with a client that needs a 501c3, we can help.

You keep your client. We do the work.

We know how important it is to have everything done perfectly for your nonprofit client, and that’s the way we do it.

You can charge your client as you wish.

About David G Marmon

Harvard lawyer David G Marmon is America’s #1 501c3 application lawyer. He founded this company in 1981, long before there were any other 501c3 services. So, he adds 40 years of experience to the 501c3GO team that will give you World Class Service. This means impeccable attention to detail, so the work is always done right.

Along with the 501c3GO team, all his background, experience and expertise will be yours.

When you become a client, you will feel their utmost personal care and concern to help you bring your nonprofit dream to fulfillment.

Helping you to help others has always been what makes David’s heart beat. Give a call today so we can help you through the 501c3 process.

Experienced Paralegal, Enthusiastic Work Ethic

Emily A Adams

Emily is a Certified Paralegal with years of experience in the formation and
management of nonprofits.

She brings to the table an enthusiasm for helping
others succeed, an appreciation of the smallest details, and a genuine love for
people of all ages and backgrounds.

She is ready to come alongside you and support you every step of the way, to ensure that your documents are perfect, and to give you the reassurance of our unparalleled care.

Emily is passionate about helping you change the world, one nonprofit at a time!

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