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501c3 Fundraising – Donor Acquisition Program

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Exclusive Opportunity For 501c3GO Clients.

So you want to start a 501c3 nonprofit organization but you don’t know how you will fund your vision? Don’t worry. 501c3GO has the solution! We are proud to offer something very unique in the world of nonprofit charities. For select clients that enter our Donor Acquisition program, we will form your nonprofit and assist you in obtaining funding for it using our highly proprietary method.  By teaming up with world famous AI pioneer Dr. Carl Aylen, we now have the most complete solution for 501c3 fundraising success.

The Harvard University-Cambridge University (England) connection

501c3GO & The Human Fulfillment Foundation Nonprofit Startup and Beyond Initiative




Harvard Lawyer David Marmon, J.D. and Cambridge University (England) former professor Carl Aylen, BSc, PhD, MA (Cantab) have joined forces to provide the two indispensable links to having a successful nonprofit.

Link #1 The complex process of having your nonprofit set up legally so you won’t have problems down the road

Link #2 The funding of your nonprofit on a consistent and reliable basis


First Step

FIRST, have David G Marmon and 501c3GO set up your nonprofit.

You will begin the process working with America’s preeminent 501c3 attorney, David G Marmon. David will consult with you on the best type of nonprofit structure for your particular needs. He will prepare all the necessary corporate legal documents and all the documents necessary for the IRS and shepherd you through the process. With his 100% success rate you can be confident you will have everything you need to begin fundraising and accepting tax-deductible donations.

  • Harvard lawyer, David G Marmon, is America’s #1 501c3 application lawyer.
  • He is the only lawyer in America that has personally prepared more than 2,800+ 501c3s successful applications for the IRS.
  • Impeccable attention to detail. Setting up your nonprofit will be done properly, avoiding all problems.
  • All David’s experience and expertise will be yours personally.
  • Helping you to help others has always been what makes his heart beat.

Second Step


SECOND, have Dr. Carl Aylen and the Human Fulfillment Foundation help you fund your nonprofit.

Now that you have your 501c3 established, you will hand over the process to Dr Aylen. Using his proprietary AI technology, Dr Aylen will develop and implement a customized Donor Acquisition program to locate, curate and convert potential donors for your charity organization.

  • Cutting edge, state-of-the art advanced technology on the forefront of artificial intelligence.
  • Former Cambridge University (UK) Professor, Dr. Carl Aylen is the world’s #1 Fundraiser.
  • His unique ‘Artificial Intelligence’ approach to fundraising has raised over $1 Billion for nonprofits in America.
  • Intelligent Education-Based Donor-Acquisition Email Campaign Technology.
  • All Carl’s experience and technology will be at your disposal.
  • Helping you raise money has always raised his heartbeat.

Ideal Donor Profile

Previous history of charitable giving
Interest in the type of work your nonprofit does
STEP 1 Identify members of the general population who are Prospective Donors for your nonprofit
STEP 2 Communicate and build effective relationships with them
STEP 3  Demonstrate your expertise and build their confidence and interest in the work that your nonprofit does.