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About David G Marmon

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Harvard lawyer, David G Marmon, is America’s #1 501c3 application lawyer. He is the only lawyer in America that has personally prepared more than 3,000+ 501c3 applications for the IRS.

World Class Service means impeccable attention to detail so the work is always done right. All his experience and expertise will be yours personally. When you become a client, you will feel his utmost personal care and concern to help you bring your nonprofit dream to fulfillment. Helping you to help others has always been what makes his heart beat.

Give a call today so we can help you through the 501c3 process.

“YOU have made the process of getting a 501c3 VERY EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the packet ALL READY to go. You did most of the work. I don’t know of any attorney in this world that responds right away the way you do. You are rare beyond words to express.”

“If you are looking for a kind, humanity enhancing Harvard [Law] Graduate attorney who has developed an inspired, flawless, easy and fast way to get your 501c3, the only lawyer to contact is David Marmon. He has the patient and fast response that is worthy of continuing thanks and praise. I know of no other professional in any field that equals the caring and concern for your needs in accomplishing your goals. There are NO ways I could suggest to improve his carefully designed system. I must add that I was not an easy client as I am 81 years old and computer illiterate. If David Marmon got me through getting a 501c3 so quickly, he can do it for anyone.”

Encinitas, CA

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