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Nonprofit computers for handicapped
New computers for the handicapped school in Tepic, Mexico,

How to file for 501c3

When you select our 501c3 application service, you are making the choice for excellence and success. More than any other 501c3 filing service, we provide decades of experience and attention to detail. We provide the following for each and every new client.

  • All legal documents you need to incorporate in your state and secure 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. Legal documents can only properly be prepared by a lawyer.
  • All in an easy to use format, using MS Word for Questionnaires and e-mail for sending PDF documents.
  • Whatever time on the phone you may need to structure your application for success with the IRS.
  • All documents e-mailed to you within 5 business days from when we get each completed Questionnaire back from you. (Guaranteed, or we pay you $200).
  • Everything done right. Since 1981, more than  3,000+ happy nonprofit clients. More than 3,000+ IRS applications personally prepared by America’s #1 501c3 application lawyer. 100% success rate.
  • Our service extends beyond the 501c3 to what you will need in the future – important information, sample forms you will need, and more. Through our client e-mailing list, we help keep you up to date on changes with the IRS and helping you make sure you are doing everything right.


Why 501c3GO is Best for You


—Fulfill your nonprofit dream or vision with the best advice, legal and otherwise.
—The oldest and longest operating 501c3 Startup Service—Since 1981.
—Harvard Lawyer
With 39+ years of Experience.
Who has personally prepared over 3,000+ applications for the IRS.
—100% success rate with the IRS.
—Sleep soundly at night knowing years down the road, the 501c3 status we obtained for you will stand the test of time.
—A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau.
—Guaranteed 5-Business Day turnaround on all your documents or we pay you $200,
—We prepare your six necessary corporate legal documents,
Including your Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for your state and your 501c3 application.
—All corporate and 501c3 documents prepared by a lawyer—not just “reviewed” by a lawyer.
—Only a lawyer should prepare your legal documents; If your transmission needs repair, you don’t go to a chiropractor.

David G Marmon, J.D.  Harvard Law School
Helping you . . . to help others.? Helping you change the world . . . one nonprofit at a time.
Your dream or vision for your nonprofit is important to us.

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Your heart wants to change the world? David knows your heart. He’s been to Haiti. He’s seen the people who live surrounded by the potholes of life. He spent six months in Calcutta (Kolkata), India and worked with Mother Teresa. He’s gone by dugout canoe to help with medical clinics for Nicaraguan refugees on the Miskito Coast of Honduras and aided Mozambiquan refugees in South Africa. He has done extensive humanitarian work in El Salvador including bringing very severely burned children to Shriners Hospital in L.A. for restorative plastic surgery.

Your heart wants to change the world? David knows your heart. His wife heard the shots that morning when those six Jesuit priests and two helpers were murdered in El Salvador during their civil war. Things like that make you think about life differently.

You can’t get this “boots on the ground” experience with nonprofits anywhere else.

Your heart wants to change the world? David knows your heart. We’ve been given a life, and it’s good if we can make that count for something. At the end of our lives, to know that the world is better for our having passed through. You can light up the darkness for someone somewhere. The world is waiting for you. Move your dream into reality.