About the Documents

Tell Me about the Documents…

You need corporate documents.
You need incorporation documents.
You need 501c3 documents.

We have a legal document (Memorandum of Intention) that allows you a tax-deduction for the fees you pay us (so your fees may be less than they appear). You need to select this at signup as the document must be signed the day you sign up and pay. This document is $200.
 6 required legal documents for your organization, carefully designed by our Harvard lawyer. Only a lawyer can properly prepare legal documents.
  • Articles of Incorporation (may be called Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Formation, Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Articles of Agreement, Articles of Association, or Charter).
  • Bylaws (Click to see), which we’ve honed and polished for [yearsxp] years—one of your most important documents. You need them to be clear, consistent and unambiguous (especially if there should ever be internal dissension). Ours are. As you have probably heard, a misplaced comma in a legal document can change its whole meaning. Use your own Bylaws if you prefer (but only if prepared by a lawyer).
  • And four more (sometimes five) required corporate documents.
  • Appointment of Initial Directors/Trustees
  • Unanimous Written Consent of Directors/Trustees Adopting Bylaws
  • Certificate of Secretary  re Adoption of Bylaws by Directors/Trustees
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Racially Nondiscriminatory Policy (for schools only)

Quite a package! All tailor-made for you (nothing packaged out of a box).

Would you like a sample of our work?Just send us an e-mail, and we’ll send you sample Minutes of Annual Meetings by return e-mail.

And our documents are not only excellent documents from a legal standpoint (most important), but we have taken the extra effort to make them look good for you, too! They are even right-centered so they will look right and be readable when you put them in a corporate minute book.

Your 501c3 document is not a document at all. We go online to the IRS website and enter all the information you have provided us. All you have to do is follow our precise instructions to go to the IRS website and sign the application we have prepared for you and pay the $600 IRS User Fee.

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