So many success stories to tell!
So many success stories to tell!
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Don’t Do It Yourself

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Don't try 501c3 status yourself, go with Harvard Lawyer David Marmon

  • There’s a reason LAWYERS come to us to do their 501c3’s. That’s right. We have lawyers as our clients. In fact, we have a whole program for lawyers and CPA’s where we do the work for their clients. If you think you can do it yourself, why don’t they think they can?
  • We get calls from people who tried to do it themselves and are “stuck at the side of road.” Now they need help. Unfortunately, we cannot help them at that point. It’s too late. They say, “It’s been in the IRS for two years.”
  • Don’t YOU crash and burn! If you’re serious about your nonprofit dream, isn’t it worth doing right? Come to the experts who’ve been doing this for 38+ years. So far, not one of our clients has ever been turned down by the IRS.
  • According to information on the Internet, more that 1/3 of self-filers abandon their applications out of sheer frustration and the IRS approval rate for self-filers is less than half that of those prepared by a professional.
  • If you decided to do it yourself, in spite of our cautions, and you find yourself stuck at the side of the road, can we help you? Yes, we can. We charge you our full fee (even though we may spend more time than if we do it right from the beginning).

15 page IRS response to an application by someone that tried to “do it yourself.”

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