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Learn about 501c3GO and our qualifications, rave reviews in text, audio, and video formats, hours open, list of clients, and 100% success rate.

About 501c3GO’s Professional Qualifications

I’m David G Marmon, director of 501c3GO.com, graduate of Harvard Law School, and the person responsible for 501c3GO operations and preparation of documents. We will help you with your nonprofit organization—help get you incorporated and get your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. I’ve been doing this for more than 39+. We’ve personally helped more than 3,000+ nonprofit organizations obtain tax-exempt status since 1981, with a 100% success rate. I graduated from the University of California with a B.A. in Political Science.



University of California at Berkeley, B.A., Political Science
Harvard Law School, LL.B., J.D.
Stanford Business School (one year in MBA program)


Graduated Harvard Law School (Doctor of Jurisprudence)
Licensed in California (inactive)
Licensed in Kansas (inactive)
Licensed before the U.S. Supreme Court
Licensed before the U.S. District Court of Appeals (Southern District of California)
Licensed before the California Court of Appeals (Ninth Circuit)

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Rave Reviews

During our process and at the end, we give our clients an opportunity to tell us what they think of our service.

What were the high points and low points of their experience?
Would they recommend us to others who need nonprofit incorporation and tax-exempt status?
How can we improve our service?

Here are their answers.

Client List

These are just a few of the clients we have helped to “take off.”
We can help you “take off,” too.

100% Success Rate

A word about our 100% success rate: For the past 39+, We have been obtaining nonprofit 501c3 status for our clients. How is it that we have a 100% success rate over such a long period and with over 3,000+ applications personally prepared? It speaks to our impeccable World Class Service, and we invite you to join our family.