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100% Success Rate

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A word about our 100% 501c3 success rate: For the past 39+ years, We have been obtaining nonprofit 501c3 status for our clients. How is it that we have a 100% success rate over such a long period and with over 3,000+ applications personally prepared?

For one thing, we remain somewhat choosy about our clients, and we turn down clients where there may be a chance they will not obtain IRS approval. As careful as we are in selecting clients however, sometimes we still come close to losing one. Three years ago, one of our clients had the mission to put a Christian cross on the moon. It took 13 months to convince the IRS that this was a public benefit, and we thought we were going to lose our 100% 501c3 success rate. After so many years, we can usually tell within minutes whether a prospective client’s idea for his or her nonprofit will fly with the IRS or not. And perhaps more importantly in most cases is structuring the nonprofit for success with the IRS.

Thirdly, not all clients have succeeded in obtaining their tax-exempt approval—either because they failed to follow through with their application, failed to be timely responsive to the IRS when asked for additional information, or were unwilling to agree to changes in the application that were needed for success. But every client who has followed through to the end has obtained his or her 501c3 status. So far, we have never had an IRS denial. 100% success rate.