501c3GO testimonials from past clients

501c3GO testimonials from real people that have used our service.

Your system is sooo smooth!!
I love it!!

You did an excellent job of taking me through the maze step by step. I will certainly sing your praises to anyone wanting to start a tax-exempt organization. Dr. Nancy P., FOR THE CHILDREN’S SAKE FOUNDATION, Des Moines, WA 

Your service was fantastic. Thank you.
Dorothy A., ALEPH BETH MINISTRIES, Paso Robles, CA

You are the greatest!!!!!! Thank you for all your help. We will use your services again in the near future. The day I mailed my packet, I wanted to e-mail you and just say “HALLELUJAH!” We should have done this way before now. Thanks Again! Ann B., VICTORY ASSEMBLY OF GOD, INC., Bonner Springs, KS

Everything went smoothly. I wouldn’t be able to improve upon your great service. Thank you for all of your help!! Denise D., THE OAKLAND CHRISTIAN ACADEMY FOR BOYS, Pleasanton, CA

You did an excellent job.  The e-mail approach worked great. I can’t imagine how you could improve it. Thanks! Steve E., NORTH GATE MINISTRIES, Madison, OH

I am thrilled …. Feel very supported….and comfortable. Deborah T., UP CLOSE MINISTRIES, Pine Valley, CA

It is GREAT to have you at the other end of the phone to answer any questions. Thanks.Sal M., COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROPERTIES, INC., Centereach, NY

It’s a BIG help!
It’s absolutely AMAZING!!! I still don’t know how David can respond to emails and calls within minutes. Wow. I was hoping it would be good, but am truly amazed at just how good a service this has been. Edgar B., JUSTICE HOUSE OF PRAYER SAN DIEGO, INC., San Diego, CA

Thanks.Your friendly and personable service sure took a tremendous load and stress off of me.
This was a great thought provoking assignment in helping me develop my concept even further.
A huge gracias!
Carmen C., LIVE AND LET LIVE, North Hollywood, CA

We were very pleased with the service that you provided us and you also returned the documents promptly…. I’ll be more than happy to recommend your service to anyone needing service such as yours. Montesa P., DOUBLE BLESSINGS-PLUS MINISTRY, Hayward, CA

You did great! I can’t think of any improvements. Thanks. James S., EAGLE MINISTRIES, Bracy, VA

I think your service is wonderful and very beneficial. I would be lost if I had to go through this myself. Candace S., FREEDOM WORSHIP CENTER MILAN, Cedar Grove, TN

Organized, professional and kind.
We have been so blessed by your support and efficiency! It was always easy to reach you personally and the information received was always timely and helpful! I whole-heartedly recommend using your service to anyone. Thank you for all you’ve done. Sincerely,Maureen S., NEHEMIAH PROJECT INTERNATIONAL, INC., Annapolis, MD

All the information was clear and understandable. When coupled with telephone calls and e-mails to obtain answers to questions, it was simple. Everything was very well programmed.Sab T., SERVANTS PREPARE THE WAY, Brea, CA

Our experience with your organization was nothing but positive. We greatly appreciate your assistance. Chris W., BENJAMIN’S HOUSE, Carrollton, GA

We felt the backing throughout the process with followup via e-mail and letters. You walked us through the process and knew where we were AT ALL TIMES in the process.  We can easily recommend your services to others. Pastor James R., III, RANGER MINISTRIES, Bakersfield, CA

The service was excellent, David. It was a pleasure working with you. I feel as if I know you personally.

You made everything perfectly clear in your explanations. You made yourself completely available, both through e-mail and phone conversations, to answer the questions that specifically applied to my ministry. I might add that you respond to my e-mail questions often within 30 minutes or sooner of me sending you an e-mail! Debbie D., FOLLOWING HIM, Garland, TX

It was so easy I couldn’t believe I did it. Darla M. F., LIFETOUCH, MINISTRIES, INC., Winona Lake, IN

Your excellent organization and quick responses to my questions were extremely helpful.Patrick J. McC., KNOW HIM MINISTRIES, Wellington, CO

So appreciate the fact that you compile all that we need to put together. I had looked at the IRS forms in our very beginning and was overwhelmed as I added up their estimated time of completion and came up with 80+ hours. [and that was under the OLD, easy IRS forms!] (And that’s assuming I could understand it all once I got into it!)
I appreciate the fact that you’ve made the path and all we have to do is put our feet in the footsteps. And I also am so appreciative that you are available when I have called and needed help. That is priceless! Gina M. M., FREEDOM HOUSE MINISTRIES OF CHARLEVOIX, Charlevoix, MI

High points: Effective, Readily available, pleasant, cooperative.
Low points: None
Recommend: Yes
Improvements: None

Thank you again for ALL YOUR help. You have provided your services above and beyond what we expected. Joana C., M.D., GREAT LIFE RESOURCE MINISTRY, Cerritos, CA

The process of obtaining IRS designation of 501c3 status for Mission Ready, Inc. was filled with obstacles I never could have anticipated. Having David “just a phone call away” was a great comfort. I don’t know that I could have completed the 11 month ordeal without his help.
Robert JC M., MISSION READY, INC., Boise, ID

Thanks for your quick, efficient, and professional service. I have nothing but praise for your service. I appreciate your timeliness in returning my phone calls, and responding to my questions and e-mails. Again, Thank You.
Patricia B., MIRACLE PRAYER TEMPLE, INC., Ft. Pierce, FL

Your excellent organization and quick responses to my questions were extremely helpful.Patrick J. McC., KNOW HIM MINISTRIES, Wellington, CO

Great, thorough, easily understandable! Pastor John H. W., TIME – TITUS MINISTRY OF ENCOURAGEMENT, Mooresville, NC

Superb and fast responses. Keep up your good work. Pastor Prasert W., THAI CHURCH OF GLORIOUS GOD, Temple City, CA

The quality of your service is rare. I feel that you love what you do. Dennis C., OAKLAWN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, INC., Shawnee, KS

The service been great! The response time very good, the service very professional. Pastor Jose S., CENTRO CRISTIANO MANANTIAL DE VIDA, Bloomington, CA

I don’t think there is anything you can do to improve the [questionnaires]. The beauty of this exercise … is that it forces an organization to spell out what it is all about and how it will function in terms of attaining funding. That exercise was very time consuming but also very worthwhile.
Your service is outstanding. I have appreciated knowing I can call when I need questions answered and get a friendly, helpful response. Without your help and particularly without the gathering of the IRS suggestions for question [40-01], I don’t believe I could have ever completed this process. Mary Ann B. S-H, ASANTE NETWORK, Valley City, ND

Thank you again for all your help with this. Dennis S., THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, INC., Great Bend, KS

Thanks for making it so easy and being so accessible via phone. Robert J. S., MINISTERING STREAMS INTERNATIONAL, Rochester Hills, MI

Every step of the way you were there for us. Thank you. Sandra M., AMEN INC, Ayden, NC

Everything was very user friendly and easy to understand. Thank you for making it this easy! Everything was easy, it just involved a little more thought process with the detail that’s required. Thanks again, I plan on passing your name onto other people… Zachory P., SECOND CHANCE COMMUNITY CHURCH, New Athens, IL

I appreciate the promptness and kindness in offering assistance. David, your friendliness makes it easy to communicate with you. I appreciate the kindness and the support that I’ve been receiving through this process. Montesa P., DOUBLE BLESSINGS-PLUS MINISTRY, Hayward, CA

You are very efficient and organized. Very helpful. Tom P., FELLOWSHIP OF THE UNASHAMED, INC., Sturbridge, MA

It is wonderful and simple. Thank you. Kenneth R., YOUTH MISSION, INC., Wichita, KS

Your timeliness was wonderful and very efficient. I would recommend you to others. I already have!
Patrick M., KNOW HIM MINISTRIES, Wellington, CO

I don’t believe this process could of been done any better or smoother.
Thomas R., MD, GOD’S WORD WON’T FAIL, Coeburn, VA 

I just want to say Thank you for all your help and support. I had no clue about where to start or where to go. You were great. I will recommend you highly to others.

Excellent and precise Straight forward questions, and the e-mail format facilitates the process. Dr. Thomas R., GOD’S WORD WON’T FAIL. Coeburn, VA

The service is very good and helpful. We are very grateful for choosing your services.Dionisio R., ENDLESS HARVEST NFP, Woodbridge, IL

Your service has been very punctual with great customer service. Nancy R., IN HIS STEPS INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS, Amelia, VA

Thank you for always taking my phone calls. Knowing you were willing to assist me in such a pleasant manner inspired me to finish this process quickly! Crystal R., CROSS CONNECTION OUTREACH, Vista, CA

Great price. Great advice. Always timely! I received an e-mail or a phone call within an hour of asking for help. Completely thorough with easy, detailed instructions. Recommend you? Absolutely!
Debbie D., FOLLOWING HIM, Garland, TX

[W]e found [you] on the Internet. It sounded too good to be true. Skeptical? You bet we were. Your web site was transparent and informative. The testimonials were reassuring. We contacted some of them and their responses were enthusiastic. I felt like a mouse that found an eagle that invited us onto his back. [You] helped us … with minimum of time, cost and labor.
David & Bette H., II ARK, San Antonio Texas