About Us

The team members at 501c3GO strive for the highest moral and ethical standards as we help our clients set up their nonprofits. We’ll work with you as you try to make this a better world.

Our Mission is Clear

I wake up every morning knowing that I will be helping our clients make the world better for some people somewhere, maybe right next door or maybe halfway around the world.

You are the world-changers. It is my privilege to help you bring your dream to fruition. You are IMPORTANT, not only to us but to the world.

I have the best position in the world—working only with super people with great dreams to do something good with their lives, to make their lives count for something bigger than themselves.

It is indeed an honor to be a part of what they will be doing with their nonprofits.

We have our part to play in getting them off the ground, and they have the much larger part to play of changing the world for the better—making a real difference with their lives and their 501c3s.

Our mission is to give you the best legal and 501c3 IRS foundation possible for your mission. Then your dream and vision can take off and soar.

We’ll help you change the world you want to change.

–David G Marmon

We provide the entire legal corporate and 501c3 IRS structure for your 501c3 nonprofit, so you can concentrate on the nonprofit work you want to do.

David G. Marmon, J.D.

Our Unique Advantage, Found Nowhere Else:

Harvard lawyer David G Marmon is America’s #1 501c3 application lawyer. He founded this company in 1981, long before there were any other 501c3 services. So, he adds 40 years of experience to the 501c3GO team that will give you World Class Service.

When you become a client, you will feel their utmost personal care and concern to help you bring your nonprofit dream to fulfillment.

Helping you to help others has always been what makes David’s heart beat. Give us a call today so we can help you through the 501c3 process.


Our History and Purpose

I began this nonprofit effort 40 years ago as El Shaddai Ministries.

It all began when a missionary nurse and pilot (Dorothy Nelson) came to me and asked me as a lawyer to form a 501c3 nonprofit for her mission as “The Flying Nurse of the Philippines.”

After I did that for her, she flew her small airplane across the vast Pacific where her ministry helped thousands of people.

Over the many years and the distance, I lost track of Dorothy. I hope she is still with us.

When my Harvard buddies in Washington D.C. and New York are making $1100 per hour (billing 40 hours a week means $2.2 million a year), why am I helping people with their nonprofits for a relatively small amount of money?

Because I want my life to count, and as I help others change the world through their nonprofits, it gives me great joy to play a small part in that.

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