Professional Qualifications

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My Professional Qualifications

Start your nonprofit with Harvard Lawyer David Marmon
Quality at every step of the way.
All the work is precision engineered.
The documents even look good.

Graduated Harvard Law School
(Doctor of Jurisprudence)
Licensed in California (inactive)
Licensed in Kansas (inactive)
Licensed before the U.S. Supreme Court (inactive)
Licensed before the U.S. District Court of Appeals (Southern District of California) (inactive)
Licensed before the California Court of Appeals (Ninth Circuit) (inactive)

I’m David G Marmon, director of, graduate of Harvard Law School, and the person responsible for 501c3GO operations and preparation of documents. We will help you with your nonprofit organization—help get you incorporated and get your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. I’ve been doing this for more than [yearsxp] years. I’ve personally helped more than [appsxp] nonprofit organizations obtain tax-exempt status since 1981, with a 100% success rate with the IRS

Let Harvard Lawyer David Marmon help your nonprofit get started

Other education:
My undergraduate training was at U.C. Berkeley. My legal training was at Harvard Law School, where I graduated with a doctorate of Jurisprudence in 1966. After law school, I spent a year at the Stanford Business School in the MBA program. I practiced law in San Diego, California as a Certified Specialist in Family Law. I left the practice of law as being too confining. I wanted something more exciting, and helping you change the world is very exciting. I have traveled in 56 countries, done humanitarian work in Mexico, Russia, Honduras, El Salvador, South Africa, and India. We will not give you tax or legal advice, but will give you the benefit of [yearsxp] years of experience of incorporating and setting up and working with 501(c)(3)s.

Although I am a Harvard Lawyer, I don’t serve you in the capacity of a lawyer. If I did, I would have to charge three to five times as much. We know that lawyers charge $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 for doing what we do. Please see disclaimer below.

I strive for the highest moral and ethical standards as I work together with you to get you what you need for your nonprofit organization. We enjoy working with you since you are trying to make this a better world.

We’ll try to make it as easy as possible for you. Our clients tell us that we do make it easy for them. However, the fact is there is some work to do that only you can do. Only you know the details of what your nonprofit organization will be like, only you know what you want to do with it, and only you can describe it to the IRS. But while you are doing your work, if you run into questions or issues, We’re just a phone call away.

Let’s get started. I’m guessing the world needs whatever your organization has to offer!

DISCLAIMER: 501C3GO (501c3GO, LLC) is not intended to provide legal advice nor does it do so. For legal advice you must hire an attorney by signing a letter of engagement and paying a retainer fee. No attorney-client relationship is established by your use of this website’s information and/or 501c3GO’s products or services. 501c3GO is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. David G Marmon, J.D, is a lawyer but he is not your lawyer, and he will not give you any legal advice. The purpose of this website is to provide information to people interested in having a 501c3 nonprofit and is for purposes of general understanding and comprehension. The purpose of 501c3GO is to help people set up their 501c3 nonprofits with their state and with the IRS. The legal documents we provide as a part of our 501c3 process are in no way intended to give legal advice nor are intended to be documents that only a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction could prepare.

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