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Foster Parenting University

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We specialize in training and equipping foster parents to work with foster children. We provide placement and matching services, matching children to adoptive and foster families.

The Foster Parent Training Center for Homes of Hope has been established to specifically serve those children that are most difficult to place within the foster care system and children who are not currently being effectively served. There are many foster homes and agencies that are willing and prepared to work with children with minimal needs. Families are often willing to take on the challenge of one or two children with normal childhood behaviors but are unable to address the needs of children who have significant medical, emotional or developmental challenges. Because foster parents are not being effectively recruited and trained, the following segments of children in foster care are not being consistently served; AB 12 clients, fragile infants, children with specialized medical needs, regional center clients, children with chronic behavior problems and emancipating teenagers.

Homes of Hope: addresses these challenges in the following ways:

• Recruiting specialized foster families, who have an interest in working with children with significant needs.
• Giving these families specialized training to address the specific needs of children who are not currently being effectively served.
• Offering families the ongoing training and extensive support that they need to be successful with children who have extreme needs.
• Offering specialized foster parent mentoring programs that help foster parents be successful with challenging children.
• Making talented staff available, who have the necessary training and experience to work with children who have specialized needs.
• By having an experienced behavioral specialist on staff in order to create and implement dynamic treatment plans that effectively address behavior problems.
• By having a qualified registered nurse on staff. This nurse can address medical needs and provide individual and group trainings for foster parents.
Given the appropriate training, support and staffing families will be successful in working with children who have specialized needs.