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Our Purpose

The point I want everyone to know is that you don’t have to be held hostage by whatever ailments you are currently experiencing. From eczema to constipation to PMS to acid reflux to high blood pressure to autoimmune disorders, there are answers and it’s all in what you eat and put onto and into your body. I have seen first hand the amazing powers of food and how it can change your life.
We live in a medically driven world and “those with vested interests in keeping you hostage to the illusion of your own inner “genetic threat” would rather you weren’t aware of the fact that there is no drug anywhere that can regulate genetic expression better or more powerfully than your diet can.”

It seems so simple. But the fact of the matter is one would rather take advice from a medical professional (who has a vested interest in big pharma) and believe in some “magic” pill than take responsibility for one’s own self.
I have nothing to gain here. I don’t want your money. I merely want to give you the information you need in order to regain control over your health.

How It All Began

The First Seizure Lasted 30 Agonizing Minutes

The day after Christmas, 2008, I awoke to the sound of my 9½ month old daughter crying in a way I had never heard before. As I ran to her room and scooped her up I immediately knew something was terribly wrong. She was convulsing uncontrollably. I started screaming, “help me, she’s seizing.” My husband jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to wake both of our parents who were staying with us during the holiday.

I was completely hysterical as I stood there holding my still shaking daughter, listening to my dad yell at the 911 operator who was more concerned with getting our information than telling us how to try and stop the seizure. I would later learn that they are not allowed to give any medical advice because they are not trained medical staff and could be sued.

The First Of Several Helicopter Trips To The Hospital

As I helplessly watched Kennedy’s lips starting to turn blue, my family put us into the car to go meet the emergency vehicles at the gate. When the firetruck arrived, they immediately called for a helicopter as Kennedy was still seizing and now paralyzed on her right side. I thought for sure I was losing her. I applied oxygen to her face and just prayed that God would save her.

As Care-flight loaded Kennedy on the helicopter, one of the technicians looked straight at me and said I would not be allowed to go if I could not calm down and compose myself. I prayed very hard for God to help me be there for Kennedy. I got on the helicopter in the front right next to the pilot and put on the headphones he handed me. As the helicopter took off, I could hear but not see what was happening behind me. I cried silently and prayed that she would be okay.

14 minutes later Kennedy was on the roof of Cook’s Children’s Hospital, her seizing had finally stopped and she had regained movement in her right side. I exhaled, thanked God and reached for my phone to let my family know. In my rush, I forgot to grab it and as is quite common in this digital age, didn’t have any important family numbers memorized short of my husbands. Of course he had left his phone at the house when the family jumped into the car to chase the helicopter to the hospital. It would be a long and agonizing 45 minute drive before he could learn that his baby girl was ok.

Moms Know When Things Aren’t Right With Their Babies

When everyone finally arrived, Kennedy was back to her normal self. She was laughing and playing and this convinced the doctor that she was okay to be released. I was not okay with this. She was asleep in my arms, suddenly awoke, looked right through me for what felt like a minute and then went back to sleep. I told everyone in the room she was going to seize again. The nurse thought I was just a paranoid mother for all of about 5 minutes when the seizing started again.

The emergency room doctor determined that she would now need blood tests, an EEG, a spinal tap and a catheritization for a urine sample. She was given anti-seizure medication which made her completely loopy so she wouldn’t seize during the spinal tap. Thank the good Lord all the tests came back negative. The only problem was we still didn’t have a reason for the fever which the ER doctor theorized was the cause of the seizures.

At 2pm a neurologist with no bedside manner told us that these were just febrile seizures and we had nothing to worry about. Although he also said the length of the seizure and partial paralysis does not fit the normal febrile seizure mold so it was considered a “complicated febrile seizure.” This didn’t make much sense to us but what were we supposed to do? We didn’t know anything about neurology and the professional is telling us it is fine and will not likely happen again. I knew in my heart that something was really wrong and felt like my fears were simply dismissed without a plausible explanation for why my little baby was seizing in my arms for half an hour.

By 4pm we had seen the ER doctor, the neurologist, and God only knows how many other people were poking and prodding her that day when a nurse practitioner was finally able to determine that an ear infection was causing Kennedy’s fever. Given the fact that my husband told the ER first thing that morning she had been holding her ear the night before, you would think it would be the first place they check.

Some Explanations Just Don’t Make Sense

This was her fourth ear infection in four months and none of the other ear infection fevers had caused her to seize. I was convinced that something else was going on with my baby.

When something like this happens you rack your brain trying to think of things that happened over the last few days that could have caused something this horrible. Her 9 month old vaccine shots were injected the prior week. We informed the hospital staff of this, but they all shrugged it off saying it had nothing to do with the shots. Most medical personnel will inform you that immunization shots are harmless and that all kids need them. After this very traumatic event happened I started questioning everything that had to do with my babies.