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Love That Heals

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Love That Heals
In the 1980s Mary Ann Kaiser was very ill then later diagnosed with Scleroderma an incurable and fatal connective tissue disease that gradually turns your body “to stone”.

Mary Ann and her husband Michael sensed the LORD calling them in 1997 to Edisto Island, South Carolina. In spite of the terminal diagnosis, the Kaisers chose to obey God’s leading and made the move.

The following year Mary Ann read Rick Joyner’s book, The Final Quest. In reading she realized she had an unforgiveness for someone that she had thought she had forgiven. She confessed this to the LORD, and three days
later was invited to a healing service where He totally healed her.

Today Mary Ann & Michael travel throughout the USA, Brazil & Haiti. Encouraging others with her amazing testimony of miraculous healing, seeing many miraculously healed, set free, and brought into the Kingdom.

Mary Ann & Michael speak to civic organizations, church groups, conferences, retreats and seminars.


About the Book

Mary Ann with her husband Michael are founders of “The Way Ministries” based on Edisto Island SC. Their passion is to see the body of Christ built up to  live and love in the true authority of the Kingdom.

Their Ministry is based on John 14:6  because  “Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. And the early Christians were called  The Way (Acts 19:12; 11:26; 22:4 ).

Called as teachers and carriers of His Love, Mary Ann & Michael carry a message of unconditional love & forgiveness, seeing miracles throughout the United States, Haiti & Brazil. Mary Ann & her husband Michael have two Children Matthew & Michelle, along with their spouses and six beautiful Grandchildren.

Living and Loving: Love is the greatest of these. God’s Word says many times and Jesus had compassion (Love) on them and healed them all. It was Jesus Love that healed. The LORD has given Mary Ann great love and compassion for the healing of others.

“I know that my healing was the free grace and Love from God. I did nothing to earn or deserve it, so as freely as I have received my healing, freely I want to give it to someone else through faith in Jesus healing power.”

Mary Ann’s desire is to see others step into all that the LORD has for them. Awakening them to see that they can do what they have been commissioned to do: Matthew 10:7-8

“Go and announce to them that the Kingdom of God is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received (Jesus instructions to His disciples)”

“Love That Heals” is an honest, unabashed account of a  woman’s journey of healing. It exposes her own humanity and vulnerability and climaxes in her Savior’s amazing love that restored her physically and Spiritually.

Brief book message and unique qualities: This testimony….told with the transparency that comes only from enduring hardships…is a reminder of God’s faithful love amidst human suffering. The message is simple: God’s love heals. And as we are healed, we must replicate this love in our relationships.