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December 2010, I was in a band touring the United States rocking the nation. During one of our stops in Seattle right around Christmas time, I had the strangest idea… I wanted to walk across America. This single idea sparked major changes in my life that even I didn’t see coming. Within the next couple months the thought never left my mind and I found myself an opportunity to make it happen. I spent all of my time researching what it would take to walk 3600 miles from the Space needle in Seattle, Washington to Times Square in New York.

I wanted to accomplish this goal but I didn’t want to be just a Man who walked across America. There needed to be more to it, I had to find a cause that I could partner up with. At first I was hoping to find an organization that I could work with; one I could raise awareness for and hopefully fund a building/ an orphanage or a home. Meanwhile, my best friend Stephen Turner was serving as a missionary in Nairobi, Kenya. He was part of starting this amazing organization called Uzima Outreach. Uzima Outreach is a unique twofold ministry reaching out to drug addicts, and the neglected and orphaned children of the addicted in Nairobi, Kenya. Our mission is to reach the lost and dying drug community with the gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them to Christ-like maturity, and help integrate them back into society to also go and make disciples.

In the outreach phase of our ministry, we meet many street children either orphaned or abandoned by addicted parents. In many cases, the children are also addicted. In the harsh environments of the streets, children find ways to cope. Many sniff substances like glue and petrol to help keep them warm at night and dull hunger pains.

By God’s grace, we rescue these children, and bring them into the loving Christ-centered environment of the Uzima Children’s Home. They are fed, clothed, and enrolled back into school. We desire for all the Uzima children to have a personal relationship with Christ and walk closely with Him. In time, we believe these little ones will grow to impact their communities with the love of our Lord and passionately lead others in the way of truth.

After serving a year in Kenya, Stephen came home and was telling me about all he did that year when we it just clicked, this was the organization I was searching to team up with!