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New Clients – April Newsletter

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Evan S. – To rehabilitate troubled youth and men.

Jolene L. – Provide camps for people who have been sexually abused.

Debi B. – To bring the Word of God to the captives and the prisoners.

Michael P. – To support early stage technology in the state of MI.

James and Victoria S. – FireStarter Ministries.  Holy Ghost Healing Tent Revivals across America.  Bringing the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost, hurting, and dying nation with mighty Power and Glory.  Fulfilling the mandate of 2 Chron. 7:14, Matt. 10:7-8, and Mark 16:15-18.  America is ripe for Revival!

Lisa P. – Fund the development of new research looking at the role of toxins in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other neuroimmune disease, disseminate information about this topic.

Sanam H. – To serve children and adults of all ages, bilingual, under privileged.

Stephen L. – To enable its members to meet for divine worship or other religious observances.

William C. – Ability to accept tax refundable donations and keep our congregation from having to pay taxes.

Micah W. – To train and equip at risk youth and young adults, primarily focus on African males to work on film crews.

Joyce H. – To help Christians that are disabled, elderly, orphans, etc. in the countries of Israel, China, N. Korea.

Ginger D. – To bring the Gospel to the native people of Philippines.

Inell C. – To partner with other ministries and serve alongside. To heal broken hearted and help poor, homeless.

Angela F. – To empower children to lead and be successful.

Nini J. – To facilitate transition for foster kids, i.e state care to live on their own. Provide life skills to succeed.

Stacey D. – Animal rescue program, provide medical treatment and adoption.

Robert L. – I am minister and would like to start traveling to different churches and do some guest preaching as well as holding revivals. Additionally, we currently maintain a web based ministry and plan to do bible distribution in foreign countries.

Ronald B. – Sharing the love of Jesus and sharing the Bible in Harrisonburg, Virginia and the World.

Bryan and Leah C. – Hear, Believe, Do and Grow.  Teaching and training in The Word of GOD.

Mark B. – The Nonprofit will accomplish us to do as many different things as possible for outreach as well as different things that are needed to grow the ministry.

Hyung P. – educational, handicapped for Korean Community in NY

Steve W. – Raise money to buy property in Kenya to build a farm to the orphanage.

Jim and Brenda J. – Preach the gospel of peace, reaching the poor, orphans, widows, missions, possibly a group home one day.

Naomi H. – Saving girls from sex trafficking in  Philippines.  Save, nurture, and guide.  Midwife.

Don & Cheryl B. – To reach out and touch the youth and bring them to the knowledge of God.  To have kids experience life away from inner city out in the country.

Pamela H. – helping those in need, orphans, children in Israel, pregnant mothers in need, widows, sick, bonds.

Charles B. – Teach, train, thru education, and dance.

Trevor M. – We disciple and evangelize in Japan, as well as supporting individuals in need and organizations who are reaching out for the Kingdom.

Maria R. – Prison ministry, rehab homes, healing ministry and where ever else Holy Spirit leads.

Rev Fred  L. – Reach young adults with the Gospel.

Jenny Beth S. – Drug/Alcohol Recovery Center.

Sharon A. – Plan to work with abused women and children also feeding and clothing the  homeless.

Grady G. – To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

Trese B. – Providing individuals the financial tools they need to succeed in life.

Maryna D. – Caring for OVC’s in George South Africa.  This is a holistic ministry spirit, soul, mind and body.  The children range from age 0 – adult.  We clothe, feed, educate, give life-skills, training, etc.

Edna B. – Preach the Gospel nationally and internationally, traveling, meetings, literature, web based resources, conferences; raising up a generation five- fold ministry according to Ephesians 4:11.

Robert G. – Provide leadership for non-profit organization “Friends of Children Everywhere” and act as development and marketing director for Guatemalan orphanages. (

Dr. Joseph W. – To meet the social, educational, physical and spiritual needs of children and youth globally through sports.

J. Lynne B. – 1.) Provide Prayer for healing of physical sickness and disease.  2.) Provide educational resources for health according to biblical principles.

Pastor James S. – Solid Rock Church of Port Saint Lucie is a non-denominational group of Christians, presided by myself, Pastor Anthony Spell.  Together with my wife, Pastor Gloria Spell, we have 63 years of combined ministry.  This includes over 20 consecutive years of Leader Carl H Fanfair.  Our organization will accomplish community service and youth outreach and enrichment. Our goal is to enhance your community and surroundings from a our love based community service.

Danielle R. – Raising money for other nonprofits and organizations that care for orphans, rescue those in human trafficking and others in great need.

Isaac A. – Provide scholarships to those otherwise unable to afford higher education.

President Sharon  B. – To establish agricultural based universities in Africa. Missions trips, medical, wells.

Pastor Bailey S. – We are a non-denominational Christian church.

Ann V. – Would like to assist individuals, the community with food, clothing, the Word of God, marriages, funerals, etc.

James  S. – Assist teachers and schools with the procurement of school supplies.

Gary W. – Evangelistic Ministry.

Mrs. Connie S. – We seek protect endangered children and to rescue them from life threatening situations.  Provide safe avenues for the rescued children and support children through a rehabilitation process empowering them and their families to be self-supporting.

Rev Ruth K. – Teaching and equipping the Body Christ. Demonstrating that Jesus Christ is Lord! And is who has claimed to be Amen! Power from on High!

Bill B. – Provide for administrative support, personnel, and development of materials and services to counsel and educate the needy.

Reed H. – Work with parents to grow spiritually to pass on spiritual legacy to family.

Mark B. – Birthing a church startup

Donovan M. – To bring revival, healing, hope, & encouragement by ministering the love of the Heavenly Father, in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, by the power of His Holy Spirit, with His amazing gifts & grace.

Eric W. – Partnering with churches to offer low-cost/free counseling, as well as 1-day/2-day marriage intensives.

M David M. – To take every opportunity possible to show the Love of God in tangible ways  to Widow, orphan partnering with faith based organizations whose primary focus is ministering to the poor.

Mrs Janetta R. – Prayer ministry

Mae B. – Mission, design, develop solutions to poverty in the US and Asia- investing in social entrepreneurs.

Dawn  W. – Would like to help other families seek alternative therapies for sicknesses.

David G. – Education and sports funding dealing with Soccer

Maureen J. – Financial support for Christian missions and ministries.

Steven B. – Aid in the education of children in the Bicol region of the Philippines at a combination church/school ministry.  Provide assistance to an existing ministry in whatever capacity is needed.

Tambria L. – Fly Girl Foundation- teaching and inspiring women to love themselves.

Jimmy C. – Feeding and helping orphans in Haiti.

Scott B. – As Is Church. Non Denominational Christian Church.

Barbara J. – A ministry to save kids from sex trafficking.