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New Clients – February Newsletter

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John K. – Foster Parent Training Center For Homes of Hope provides foster care placement services to families along with training and support services.

Paul and LaJean J. – Branded by Him Ministries brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Western World through cowboy church and other various forms of religious ministry.

Christian C. – Operation Restoring Valor seeks to house, feed, clothe, transport, educate, counsel, rehabilitate, provide day-care services and employ every veteran.

Travis M. – Stability Institute, Inc. fosters relative stability in under-governed, strategic at-risk countries.

Donna R. – Ruff Rescue transports and cares for homeless, abused, or neglected animals and to assist other organizations in getting these animals to foster homes, rescues, and adopters; to help lower the number of animals in these situations through public education.

Kasey G. – Job 8:7 Ministries joyfully serves God by serving the poor, vulnerable women and children, while promoting compassion, community and sustainable development and other various forms of religious ministry.

Glenda D. – Kingdom Harvest Ministries International seeks to teach, train, and educate people in knowledge of Jesus Christ. To assist others by acts of charity by distributing food, clothing and supplies to the needy, to do missionary work and evangelical outreaches, to hold conferences and speak engagements.

Pastor Helen C. – Way of Life Christian Church establishes and oversees places of worship, conduct the work of evangelism, create church systems necessary to support all missionary activities, and to license and oversee ministries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

John S. – Redemption Bible Fellowship, Inc. spreads hope and faith to people in our area and without the threat of judgment, or persecution.

Dr. Larry C. – Pandoed provides high speed telecommunications connectivity to schools and communities, and to provide digital telecommunications and Internet services including next generation learning to help bridge the digital divide, and to school communities.

Nichole M. – spread the love and grace of Jesus Christ around the world.

Revella Booker P. – God’s Anointed House reveals the story to men, women, boys and girls of all nations the guidelines for a better life as illuminated in the Old and New Testament.

Anthony P. – The Bridge at Richardson teaches the congregation to live as Christ did by being a light to those they come into contact on a daily basis. To hold weekly Sunday services as well as mid-week bible studies to empower the congregation with the Word of God.

Ken and Tresti C. – Eternal Life Christian Ministries, Inc. preaches the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in order to win people to a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; to provide for the worship of God, the teaching and preaching of the Word of God, to administer the ordinances of the New Testament.

Mike G. – Kings Bridge International promotes the Christian message around the world through Evangelism, Christian Dramas, Christian seminars, Pastor’s Conferences, Youth Rallies, Mission trips, Missionary support, Bible studies, Providing Spiritual and Humanitarian support to the poor.

Pastor Melvin M. – Open Door Outreach Center serves individuals and families by providing Shelter, Food, Case management, Counseling, education and outreach services.

Kim D. B. – Big Bend Film Commission promotes the Big Bend area to filmmakers via an in-depth website, advertising, and a free Resource Directory that covers local resources.

Robert H.H. – Living Water Ministries of Greater Orlando.

John C.M. – The Mission of the Wind River assist people in discovering their God-given destiny and other various forms of religious ministry.

James H. – The Triumphant International Ministries provides religious support for the community

David D.- Healing and Miracles International empowers people to heal, establish worldwide healing centers, evangelize the nations, exalt Jesus Christ and other various forms of religious ministry.

Matt T.M. – Insight Seminars, Inc.

Erma T. – Jackson Initiative Inc.

Sharon E.S.- Chosen Kingdom International Ministries, be a Faith Based Ecclesiastical Corporation to expand the Church to its full potential, to help other Ministries, Licensing and Ordination, Minister,& Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary, as an Overseer of Chosen Kingdom International Ministries

Pam D.J. – Clovis Dream Center

Deborah L.P. – His Glory to the Nations provides various forms of religious ministry and assistance to those of like belief throughout the world.

Michael C. – Lazarus Ministries International, Inc. brings spiritual understanding, hope and freedom to those seeking solutions to destructive habits.

Reverend Willis R.H. – A New Beginning Ministry promotes worship and carry out the great commission of Jesus Christ, and to promote Christian fellowship and growth among its members.

Pastor Timothy C B. -equip the saints to walk out their Christian life and other forms of religious ministry.