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New Clients – January Newsletter

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Jeffrey R.W. – Healing Prayer with God’s children so they can be freed of their past and be able to live into their Christ calling.


Paul R.  – The Professional Hunters Relief Fund will support those workers in the African hunting industry who are injured with their medical and rehabilitative needs and expenses.

James D. – Church


Bill J.J. – We will be doing leadership training in churches and communities. We will be working with children. Working alongside organizations to help build systems that will enable the poor to grow their own vegetables and fish.


Moncy G. – To support native missionaries in the state of Orissa, India. Provide aid in building churches


Larry W.H. – Christian ministry


Calvin E.M. – Community empowerment organization outreach for the public good


Cathy W. – Church


Samuel E.S. – Church – ministry, serving the community, building family relations, teaching and educating


Joey W. – Provide food, clothing, clean water, and other services. Partnership with NGO in Romania


Roberta K.D. – Equip the Body of Christ in all nations through teaching, impartation, inner healing, deliverance, and the prophetic.


Solretta P- Built on a spiritual foundation and has not been developed to take the place of church worship. It is intended to assist in day to day developments of life’s encounters. The staff of JES + US intends to provide a fun environment of wholesome learning.


Howard G.C. – It is an education nonprofit that amplifies voices of peace against violent extremism.


Robin P. – Provide training seminars to teachers of schools in developing countries.


Brian J.C. – It will be a church organization that will partner with state and other non-profit organizations to help ex-inmates transition back to society.


Pastor Martha N. – Evangelism (reached the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus, training and equipping laymen for ministry, reaching out to the youth by addressing their issues of struggle and helping them to know Gods purpose for their lives, and uniting the Body of Christ.


Aimee E.O. – Waukegan Arts District is a 501c3 organization dedicated to supporting Waukegan Arts-based economy through education, outreach, and Arts-based programming for both emerging and established artists.


Daisy B.T. – Provide emergency food, toiletries, bill assistance, employment resources, and resource referral for veterans and transitioning service members


Robert B. – Run across America. Raise money to fight Alzheimer’s and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)


Caroline M. – Ministry and outreach, TV program, counseling, evangelical


Rev Robert M.G. – To educate and proclaim the Gospel of Christianity to the general population through preaching and teaching the Bible.


Vilfride L. – Afrika Brave will unite the Africans and preserve the culture. We will encourage and give awards to the brave Africans.


Sidney H. – Beecher Town Give Back Association. We are organized exclusive for Charitable, Educational or Religious purposes. Specifically, we provide assistance in relief for the poor; including food, Medical care, scholarships.


Steven T. – A philanthropic charitable foundation


Dr. Janet M. – Evangelical outreach, worship, agriculture, food for the orphans


Dr. Kevin K. –  The Village is dedicated to helping older adults stay in their homes by providing volunteer transportation services, socialization opportunities, and coordination of other supportive services.


Suhail M. – Shifa Dialysis and Health Services is Non-Profit Organization to support patients on Dialysis in Pakistan and other third world country. The organization also take care of Patient family welfare and provides for children education.


Melanie T. – 24/7 House of Prayer


Dr. Melissa P. – We educate and support women in and interested in computer programming through classes, mentorship, and social support.


Diane F. – To strengthen and encourage people with living hope in God through prayer/retreat centers, counseling, teaching and mentoring, publications/media, material assistance, and other projects, in various countries.


Pastor Rene E.B. – Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal de Orlando


LeUnique L.B. – Help in the community. Feeding, clothing and housing the needy. Eventually, doing all the above internationally, while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.

LeShonda B. – Religious activities including but not limited to: preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, restoring hope to the whole family through community partnerships and programs and holistic educational opportunities through the Word of God.


Eva M. – A church with the goal of assisting with the financial structure of this faith-based, non-profit organization by filing for a grant. Without this 501c3 this would not be possible


Johnnie H.W. – Health care for all Veterans and family. All service and many other way to care for our Veterans.


Nadine N.R. – Assist in providing charitable care to our constituents and members


Paul A.N. – Spirit led ministry and meetings.


Martha R.I. – Building and maintaining a Cultural Center and Museum


Yvette H. – We serve discharged veterans and transitional workers re-entering the work force through innovative learning tools and resources to help them launch their careers in computer networking and design


Priscilla R.C. – I provide motivation for those wanting a deeper intimate relationship with Christ. I provide encouragement through my podcasts and blog.


Pastor Kevin J.M. – Church


Marietta H. – Church, Ministry School, Community classes, Pastoral Counseling


Julie K. – Give at risk kids a chance to redirect their energy in a positive avenue by teaching them to box and entering in competitions. To build healthy self-esteem, self-discipline and respect for themselves and others.


Caryn W.- Hope and Haven provides healing services for veterans, trauma survivors, their families and caregivers. Hope and Haven also provides affordable housing for veterans, trauma survivors, their families and caregivers, and low-to-moderate income individuals.


Robert G.H. – Rescuing German Shepherd Dogs within the Bay Area California from life threatening situations in shelters and elsewhere. Through training, medical treatment, love and support helping them recover and find permanent homes with loving owners.


Susan P. – Feed and clothe orphans, their caretakers and the homeless in the Atlanta area and in East Africa who are in desperate need for their immediate relief from distress, advocate on behalf of those detained in Atlanta area prisons who are jailed.


Julie C. – The result of teaching, mentoring and coaching women will be women who are healthy in spirit, mind and body. After being restored they will move forward with confidence and uniqueness that comes from being fully equipped.


Alyson G. – Horse and dog rescue


Michelle G. – Helping people to allocate their money


Mary B. – Transition home for men and women from incarceration


Carol J. C. – To spread the Word of God through preaching, teaching, and through acts of kindness; helping to educate pastors, children and help the needy.


Joyce W.E. – Our Purpose is to tell the World that God is still on the Throne. Everyone has a story of how they have come through the fire with the Grace of God and share those testimonies with others to help them in their trials.


Samuel C. – Build churches, help orphans and orphanages, help and support needy and widows, single parents.


Clark H. – Mission: Growing up the followers of Christ. Vision: A world populated by people being exactly who God created them to be.