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Being led by a Harvard-trained lawyer, it is our special pleasure to serve other professionals when it comes to tax-exempt status. If you’re a lawyer, CPA, accountant, or other professional with a client that needs a 501c3, we can help. You keep your client. We do the work. And we can be completely invisible to your client if you wish. We know how important it is to have everything done perfectly for your nonprofit client and that’s the way we do it. We don’t charge extra for this service, and you can charge your client as you wish.

When to Call On Us

  • You’re a lawyer, CPA, accountant or other professional with a client who needs a 501c3.
  • You don’t feel confident to do the work yourself—structuring the application for success with the IRS, and following through when the IRS has additional questions before tax-exempt status is obtained.
  • Still, you’d like to keep your client and maintain control of the situation.
  • You’d also like to benefit from someone who is experienced in this area, since you’re not.
  • You can charge your client however you like.
  • Don’t need our service now? Bookmark us for the future.

There are at least three reasons for retaining your client in a situation where you cannot help the client yourself.

  1.  It increases your relationship with your client since it is one more way you can serve your client. The more you can do for your client, the deeper is the client relationship, and the more likely it is that your client will tell others about you and the services you provide.
  2. You are not only serving your client in a needed service, but it means your client does not have to spend the time and energy to go looking elsewhere for the service he or she needs. This can be a frustrating search and one you can save your client from. Your client will appreciate this.
  3. If your client goes somewhere else for this needed service, the client may seek additional service at the new location. You may have actually lost your client for future service because you could not serve your client in this service needed now.

You may bill your client in any way you wish. You may wish to add value to our service by having your client come into your office to answer the questionnaires. This can be billable time to yourself or to your paralegal. A lawyer friend of mine in San Diego quotes $8,000 to $10,000 for a 501c3. Since we are invisible, there is no easy way for your client to know what you are paying us for our service.

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