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  • For more than 38+ years, we have served church leaders, youth leaders, and a variety of church workers in almost every imaginable type of independent ministry.
  • We have also served just ordinary people who feel a calling to go out to a dark and hurting world and tell them there is a God who loves them.
  • We have served those who minister to travelers, to inner-city gangs, to the homeless, to motorcycle gangs, to abused and abandoned women and children, to the old and infirm, and the list could go on… and on… and on….
  • Since 1981, we have served pastors and laymen in a multitude of denominations (and those without denomination) including Evangelical, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Seventh-day Adventist, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Church of God in Christ, independent Bible churches, Southern Baptist, Reformed Church, American Baptist, Independent Baptists, Foursquare, Calvary Chapel, the Vineyard, Messianic, and many others.