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  • In 1981, we started this ministry to the Christian community by setting up our first 501c3 mission for the “Flying [Missionary] Nurse of the Philippines.”
  • We have served denominational and non-denominational missionaries and others doing mission work in far-flung outposts and forgotten places as well as those closer to home
  • We have served such European mission fields as Scotland, Germany, Romania, Czechoslovakia.
  • For the foreign field in Asia, we have served missions for China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.
  • In the foreign field of Latin America and the Caribbean, we have obtained tax-exempt status for missions to Jamaica, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Haiti, Ecuador, among others.
  • For the foreign field of Africa, our 501c3s have gone to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, the Sudan, and Uganda (below).
  • For the foreign field in the island nations, we have secured nonprofit status for missions to Fiji, Samoa, and Okinawa.