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Serving You

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  • Serving the Christian community since 1981
  • El Shaddai Ministries was our first flagship web ministry for 501c3s.
  • For many years, we served only the Christian community.
  • Later, we had many requests from the secular community and from Christians who wanted secular nonprofits (e.g., rodeo).
  • For more than 34+ years, we have been THE place for Christian ministries, missions, and churches to come for their 501c3s—a place they have comfortably called home.
  • From evangelicals to pentecostals to those in mainline denominations to those who don’t fit into any of these categories; from those who worship on Sunday to those who worship on Saturday, to those who worship every day, we have been a ministry where everyone is welcome and feels comfortable.
  • My Christian experience is valuable in serving you.

Media for Christian Missions, Ministries, and Churches

Print media we have advertised in (mostly since 1986)
World Magazine
Christianity Today
Ministry Today
Disciples Directory/Journal
Liberty Banner
Christian Examiner
Good News, Etc.
Scores of Christian newspapers