Corporate Compliance Scam

Corporate Compliance SCAM—this subject could be important to you. For helping us bring information to you about this scam, we give credit to Sab Takahashi of Servants Prepare the Way in Brea California. We helped his organization incorporate in California and get his 501c3. Recently, he sent me an e-mail, which included the following:

“Dear David,

Last year I paid this fee of $120.00 to this agency that asked for my corporate compliance. The agency is called Corporate Compliance Center in Sacramento.

This year I received another document asking for the same amount. I’m a bit suspicious because on the envelope along with their address is a note that says that “This is not a government document.”

Is this agency legitimate? I surely don’t want to pay this fee for nothing! I have tried to call [the Secretary of State of California in] Sacramento [California] before and it’s virtually impossible to talk to anyone in person and get an answer. Do you know of this agency and if I need to pay this fee or can you direct me to someone to call in Sacramento? I have attached the … form for your review.”

Then he sent me a copy of the correspondence. Since I saw that it was a scam, I asked him to scan the correspondence and the envelope to help other clients who might be scammed, which he graciously did. Now, I believe these scammer people are smart enough to do this in every state (even though this particular correspondence is only for California). They are hoping you won’t be smart enough to see through the scam. They try to make it as official-looking as possible so you’ll fall for it. I hope this has been helpful, and thanks again to Sab Takahashi.