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Fees for Changes

501c3GO > Cost and Fees > Fees for Changes


Please check your questionnaires before you send them back to us. Once you send in a questionnaire and we process it, there are fees to re-enter information into our database and fees to reproduce documents due to your changes:

Re-enter Information (on individual basis—$50-$200)

Database Changes: $50 + $50 per change

Reproduce Corporation Documents

  • All corporate documents $400
  • Appointment of Directors $100
  • Articles of Incorporation $200
  • Bylaws $150
  • Certificate of Secretary $100
  • Action of Board/Unanimous Written Consent $100
  • Conflict of Interest Policy $100
  • Racially Non-Discriminatory Policy $100
  • Cover Letter $100


Reproduce Questionnaires/E-mails

  • $100


Reproduce Outdated Questionnaires/E-mails (Over 6 months)

  • $200


Reproduce Welcome Packet

  • $200


Re-Review Attachments and Financials after we have approved them

  • $200-$500


Produce “Your Road Ahead” for Clients

  • $200


Have us send you previous documents, e-mails, etc.

  • $50 per document/e-mail (within 90 days)
  • $100 per document/e-mail (more than 90 days)
  • $200 per document/e-mail (more than 6 months)
  • After one year, emails cannot be retrieved.


Have us send your Documents to you in editable Word format:

We normally will not do this because our documents are copyrighted, and we do not wish them to be edited. If you edit them and they have our name on them, it will appear that your changes were our changes. Also, when copies of your documents go to the IRS, and you have edited them, it may appear that we prepared them. However, we can strip our copyright from the documents and send them to you in editable Word format.

  • $100 per document (within 90 days)
  • $150 per document (more than 90 days)