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General 501c3s

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Certainly, general nonprofits are the most numerous, and there is no reason they can’t be among the most exciting. We’re here to set up your charitable, educational, or scientific nonprofit* in the easiest, quickest, and best way possible.

We help you get started in fulfilling your dream of helping others and making this a far better world than you found it. We’ve been the midwife to more than 3,000+ 501c3s, and we can be the midwife to yours. We’ll put our 39+ years of experience to work for you and get you on your way!

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Whether your nonprofit dream is charitable, educational, scientific*, we take you through the process with the expertise gained over 39+ years. Just as we have helped more than 2,400 clients fulfill their nonprofit dreams, we will help you. There are few things more exciting than beginning the adventure of a new nonprofit. The first thing to understand is that it is not “filling out a form.” A nonprofit must be structured correctly, not only for the IRS,  but also for your own future.

Because if it’s your nonprofit, then in all likelihood, you’re going to play a big part in its future. We’ll take care of filling out the forms for you, to be sure, but perhaps the most important part of what we do is working together with you to make sure all the pieces fit together. That starts with the Articles of Incorporation. The Articles are the foundational instrument, and they must satisfy both your state and the IRS.  Our Corporation Questionnaire and Harvard lawyer David Marmon’s personal participation, assure you that your corporate name will be right, that your purpose statement will be right, and that your Directors and Officers will be properly selected. This is what we accomplish on the corporate level, with at least six corporate documents you need, including your Articles and Bylaws.

On the IRS level, experience is even more important, not only to structure your nonprofit for success with the IRS, but also for your long-term success in the the years to come. With a form of 30 pages and 38 pages of complex instructions, that is only the beginning. The IRS says, “The time needed to complete and file these forms will vary depending on individual circumstances.” The estimated average times are 105 hours for the  1023, 10 hours for Schedule A, 15 hours for Schedule B, 18 hours for Schedule E, and so on. And yet, our 501c3 Questionnaire will take you only 2-4 hours in most cases, another couple of hours if you are a church or a school. (If yours is a complex case or if you have been operating for years, expect to spend more time.) We do the rest and make it EASY for you. The experience of 39+ years and more than 3,000+ happy clients are what we bring to the table.


*Also, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition, or prevention of cruelty to children or animals.