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Be a 501c3GO Representative in Your Community! GO!

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Be a 501c3GO Representative in Your Community!

Receive up to $200 for each client you sign up.

Steps 1, 2, and 3

Interested? Just let us know at

Whether your community is ethnic, cultural, faith-based, or business,

Whether your community is homeschool, music, art, sports, educational,

Whether your community is dance, networking, hiking, veterans, health….

Have a table at conferences. Pass out flyers or brochures at events. Get a few people together to share the $100 and work together, inspire each other.
Prayer groups that want to raise some money to help those less fortunate. Retail business owners – put the business cards out in the little trays.
Single moms who need some extra cash. Ongoing fundraising for youth sports teams.
High school and college students who can always use some extra $. Homeschool or stay-at-home moms that aren’t able to work a regular job.
Clubs and cultural organizations that want another avenue to raise money. Members can take few cards and spread them around where they work or associate. Churches with mission projects to raise funds—distribute the cards (or flyers) to your congregation who can then distribute them to their business and other outlets.
Retired people with time on their hands–adds money to their Social Security. Are you an entrepreneur? Develop GO Reps in your geographic or ethnic area.

Send us an e-mail at to get started today

*Before printing up flyers or other material, we must approve for accuracy and consistency.
They get a $100 discount for Premium Plans and $50 discount for Plan S, but you also get $100 or $50 for every signup (OR you keep the entire $200 or $100 for yourself instead of giving a $100 or $50 discount to clients signup up).

This program is not meant to grant you a discount to use our service, and your use of our service does not generate a referral fee to be paid.

After you bring in five clients, we will do your own 501c3 at a $200 discount.

Only one marketing fee will be paid per signup.

By joining our Dream Team of GO! Reps, you agree to our Terms of Service as amended from time to time.

We pay you by PayPal, usually within a week of the signup, but in no event later than the 15th of the following month for commissions earned in the previous month.

All subject to change.