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Harvard Prepared Me

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Harvard Law School prepared me for life like nothing else could. When I worked with Mother Teresa at Kalighat, her first home for the destitute and dying, I could not help but recall Harvard’s place in defending and caring for those of society’s less fortunate.

Just one example: In 1932, in Philadelphia, a black defense attorney Raymond Pace Alexander (HLS Class of ’23) was aggressively questioning a white police officer in a case where a black man was accused of murder. Although the attorney was called “Sir” by the officer, it’s unlikely he would have been served in the restaurant across the street.

Through the nonprofits we help set up, we have an opportunity to continue to help those in society’s shadows and to help correct and improve society’s own problems. It is my special privilege and honor to be a midwife to those noble efforts to make this a better world.