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How Much Does It Cost?

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How Much Does It Cost?

There are three costs for you to consider:

  1. State filing fee varies by state
  2. IRS Fee
    1. Premium Plan $600
      (No limit on annual nonprofit income)
      (Good for grants)
      Public charities, and also schools, churches, private foundations, private operating foundations
    2. Small-EZ $275
      ($50,000 limit on annual nonprofit income first three years)
      (Difficulty or inability to get grants) Please see this link for “Getting grants with the Small-EZ”:
      Public charities, private foundations
  3. Our Base fees
    1. Premium $2995 plus any Extras you choose
    2. Small-EZ $2495 plus any Extras you choose
      (You may not need any Extras)

Here is a link to our fees page including Extras you may need:

Our Pay-As-You-Go Payment Plan
Add $50 for 2-Pay, 2 payments of about ½ (pay within 60 days)
Add $100 for 4-Pay, 4 payments of about ¼ (pay within 90 days)
PayPal Credit (assuming you have good credit):
Pay about $60/month for Economy—until paid off
Pay about $80/month for Premium—until paid off
No interest if paid off within 6 months