How to Start a Nonprofit

Use these 5 tips to learn how to start a nonprofit organization with America’s #1 501c3 attorney.

  1. Plan Your Nonprofit – First you need to know your mission, where your nonprofit will be incorporated, how soon you want to get started, and who will be involved. Having a clear vision is critical to successfully starting a nonprofit.
  2. Research and Ask Questions – Do I need a nonprofit? What are the advantages and disadvantages of 501c3 status? What documents do I need and who should prepare them? How much will it cost? How long will it take? Be sure to turn to true experts qualified in nonprofit law and with the experience to make your application a success. We can help you answer all these questions and more at no cost to you. Just give us a call at 800-293-7490.
  3. Get Incorporated – You will need to file your Articles of Incorporation (may be called something different in your state) with your Secretary of State and pay the state filing fee. We don’t charge extra for this. It’s just a part of our complete package. Let us prepare this document for you along with five other corporate documents. Don’t try to prepare your Articles yourself. Two-thirds of the clients who come to us already incorporated didn’t do this right, and the Articles have to be amended (extra time and expense).
  4. File for Federal Tax Exempt Status – Next you will want to prepare and send your 501c3 application to the IRS and pay federal filing fees. We do all of this for you. Leave the heavy-lifting to us. You just fill out our questionnaires which include lots of helps, tips, pointers, samples, and podcasts to make sure the information you give to us is the best possible so we can prepare a World Class application that will sail through the IRS instead of being rejected. We have a 100% success rate with the IRS for 38+ years and 2,750 nonprofits (that number is growing daily).
  5. Get Your IRS Determination Letter – This is the “golden” IRS letter that means your application was a success. You can now celebrate!

Get Started with Your Nonprofit Dream Today. Harvard lawyer David G Marmon has 38+ years experience, over 2,750 (and growing) applications filed, and a 100% success rate. Help is only a phone call away.