IRS Expedited Service

Please don't sign up for this service and spend $400 unless you have a "compelling reason" for having the IRS process your application ahead of others. Here's what the IRS says about its expedited service in its instructions for Form 1023, the application for tax-exempt status: Expedite Requests: We will only approve expedited processing of an application where a request is made in writing and contains a compelling reason for processing the application ahead of others. Circumstances generally warranting expedited processing include:

At a minimum, if you select this "Extra," you should be prepared to state (in a supplemental questionnaire we will provide) all the facts you believe are in your favor, drawing on the above wording which we have laid out for you from their instructions, and be able to attach any documentation to the letter we will provide you which shows your situation deserves expedited service. There is, of course, absolutely no guarantee that you will be successful in your request. The worst that can happen is the IRS will deny you their expedited service and will include you in the 82% of requests that are denied. Your application will not be denied or delayed simply because they refuse your request for expedited service.