New Clients – Fall 2014 Newsletter

Ramesh P – Implement the tools used in the U.S. to help meet the needs mental disorders, autism and physical disabilities. Children from poor backgrounds will be the main beneficiaries. He wants to help children worldwide

Jon A – Athletic Booster Club-Football

Andrew S – To promote healthy lifestyles and habits.

Michelle H – Fuel revival, Ignite generation, Reach nations, Empower believers. Training, international work, supporting, equipping.

Lindsay H – To provide services to mothers in all walks and stages and life.

Stephanie L – The purpose of the Marlene Yu Museum is to exhibit, preserve, document and interpret the life and works of Marlene Yu.

Stacey W – To build up a community of women with help for mind, body and soul

Gary M – To expand the gospel of Jesus Christ and to support and facilitate the body of Christ, both spiritually and physically.

Joni J – Supply sanctuary, physical and spiritual nurturing for single moms with children to allow them time to acquire skill sets or college degrees

Eric & Rebekah S – To help under privileged children

Manuel P – To preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world, fulfilling the commandments

Jennifer N – We are church that are going to do reach the youth and children and bring a better environment, to let God to take over and let this city be a city church. It’s about God and relationship, not only here but worldwide.

David G – Providing clothing and shoes for kids in crisis

Christopher S – To fund after-school activities for children who have a parent or guardian undergoing cancer treatment.

Wanda M – Open a homeless shelter for families and individuals

Holly H – Adult Stem Cell Education, Advocacy and Awareness, Advance Continued Research

Wileena J – To give teen moms a place to reside; assist in parenting skills and education opportunities.

Caitlin S – To offer Birthday cakes to military kids and families

Jeremy W – To use the medium of film to spread the gospel Christ

Marshall M – To protect trees, clean up the oxygen in atmosphere to stop acid rain, clean ocean water.

Debbie G – To glorify God by serving the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic and to educate the children.

Shane B – Educational and charitable purposes associated with financial literacy and social impact investing for Total Alignment Wealth clients.

Andrew C – To promote the music of Morton Feldman through high caliber and accessible performances of the composers solo chamber and large ensemble works. Morton Feldman Chamber Players, MFCP.

Sandy M – To provide 501c3 status for Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Dept., re; Fundraising activities.

Lewis S – To create and broadcast through the internet, programs relating to classical music; commentary and streaming; panel discussion and interviews.

Leanne R – to lead people worldwide into a relationship with Jesus Christ. To provide opportunities to Christians worldwide for mission opportunities.

David H – To supply patient support for a rare form of MD.

John N – Worldwide evangelistic ministry

Shelly D – Increase awareness, influence attitudes and enhance skills in teens, parents, pastors and youth-serving personnel to decrease teen sexual activity, pregnancy, STDs and broken hearts through education and motivation so this generation can reach their God-

Jerome A – Retreats workshops music

Judy P – To enlighten women on the awesome power they possess as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Morais C – A youth ministries organization that will partner with para-church ministries, local churches, and other religious organizations for leadership development of leaders and emerging leaders.

J. Craig W – Assist newborns and mothers in a faith-based environment.

Rickie N – Youth Evangelizing: charitable causes as well, support youth in the community, raised money for those in need for the community. Charitable organization for the community

Mark P – River of Life Church will be a ministry that brings the presence of Jesus.

Scott G – Want to provide education in the martial arts for people in the great Phoenix area, United States and overseas.

Sheila H – To offer supplies, support and the love of Christ to disaster areas around the world.

John S – To instruct educators in emerging economies how to best serve the needs of diverse needs in a classroom environment.

Paola C – Temporary residential facility for those coming out of human trafficking

Bart H – Spreading the gospel.

Greg S – Provide free recuperation and counseling, activities to missionaries on vacation. Will be based out of our house, as the missionaries will stay with us.

Scott F – To reach the youth in the community for Christ through concerts, bookstore and coffee shop.

Maria T – Work with homeless, with addicts, work with the sick in hospitals, help children in the community. Outreach to women and men and jail, Job training.

Neil J – Christian Evangelical Church. An affiliate of the Calvary Chapel organization. We will promote the Gospel, disciple believers, and do other Christian works.

Christy V – To introduce horses to the public to serve the purpose of teaching job training, helping to develop critical relationship skills, and aiding troubled family relationships.

Patrick O – In Guatemala- breaking poverty cycles by helping the poor start or improve small businesses (no loans), and providing job skills training. Also we support feeding programs and other relief ventures.

Randall S – Provide goods and services to needy people in South Louisiana.

Tom B – Raise funds other charities through Golf Tournaments, Heart of Georgia Hospice, Down Syndrome society.

Rodney D – To provide a loving home for abused, abandoned and neglected boys in Mexico.

Lois T – To transition young women from prison into society. To give them a hope and a future and to offer training.

Angela D – Resource to give humanitarian aid and benevolence

Tanya J – To bring identity and passion to the body of Christ.

DeBrah F – To Preach and Teach the Biblical standards of Jesus Christ with simplicity. To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost to people around the world, by way of radio, television and local churches.

Rhonda C – Teach and preach the gospel through religious venues. And provide transitional living facilities.

Mari M – to help mission organizations, churches, and individuals in their efforts to reach Tibetans for Christ

Paul B – Christian Mission Work

Margie E – To reach out to under privileged in African countries. Spiritual and medical

Jonathan D – Provide a competitive soccer and training program for the citizens of Pinal County, Arizona with emphasis on Casa Grande and Maricopa at the most cost effective means for families.

Nicholas P – We are a church that seeks to worship God, edify the members, and reach the world with the Gospel of Christ in both word and deed.
Ned B – To provide musical performance education and awareness.

Keishawn C – It will provide a soccer academy learning environment for children 6-18 years of age.

Corey B – To teach film making in the developing world.

Gwendolyn M – To bring people to their purpose, and to fulfill their purpose in life

Toni H – We will transform the lives of countless children and youth by providing high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

James S – Non-Denominational Evangelistic Ministry

Stephen C – Reforest the globe.

Dana P – The Nonprofit will raise funds for a capital campaign and to give financial resources to the school.

Stephan R – Minister to youth and children by providing teaching, personal leadership development and physical needs

Dilip T – To promote educational and medical care, helping poverty.

Ron B – To Help, Support, Give Hope, to the poor, Needy, destitute and Orphans of the nation of the Philippines.

Randy R – To return the church to its original purpose by bringing heaven to earth thru signs and wonders and the proclamation of the Good news. (we are an equipping church).

Christine M – We will partner with other nonprofit organizations working on the ground in impoverished communities to develop skill building workshops and provide humanitarian assistance to individuals and families. We will also raise awareness of problems people face

Pastor Chuzzy U – To take as many souls to heaven as possible. 🙂

Miriam S – To build up the body of Christ and bring salvation, healing and deliverance where necessary.

Sharon W – Promotes Christian values; promotes women in ministry; promotes Christian arts and artists

Manuel B – My events and tickets worldwide musical artist.

Robin R – Our mission is to educate, train and activate the body of Christ into authority, assignments and destiny. We train the church on its role standing for Israel and authority in government. We also promote other ministries and events working toward Revival

Michael L – Support services for school in Brazil

David J – We are a non-denominational church seeking to reach a lost and dying world with the truth of the gospel

Jean B – networking resources for people during a time need

Michael S – The mission of the Interplanetary Networking Special Interest Group (IPNSIG) is to realize a functional and scalable system of interplanetary data communications before the year 2020.

Samona D – To assist kids coming out of Foster Care, i.e. transitional housing, counseling, H.S. diploma completion, vocational training, life skills.
Mary Ann K – To take God’s truth in healing to lost, hurting, wounded in all the nations.

Sam A – To help goodwill of people

Wesley C – To provide families financial and emotional support while their child is in the hospital. To enable families to be able to stay with their kids.
Dennis G – Help the poor in Myanmar (South East Asia).

Paul D – Help men and women receive spiritual help physically, mentally, financially; Minister to their needs.”

Kevin C – Raising money/donations for scholarships for and support to patients seeking alternative/integrative cancer care.

Mae B – To reach the lost and forgotten; to help those in need of shelter, food and to bring them hope.

Tom E – Our purpose is to provide non-profit value-based counseling for restoration of the soul and coping skills for life’s issues from a Biblical perspective.

Greg E – Providing faith based ministry to the people of Nicaragua and wherever God leads. Will provide monies for projects as donated through the ministry.
John V – To spread the gospel and plant churches in India

Sharyn G – Animal rescue, focusing on pit bull rescue and advocacy

Barbara D – To enriching the lives of young girls through sports.

Mason M – Anesthesia administration and education; public health initiatives; discipleship.