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501c3 and Related Downloads

Our 501c3 service is as complete as it possibly can be. But sometimes, you may be able to use some other resources we have for you once you are a client of ours. Your mission is SO important to make this a better world for all the people you will be helping. We’re with you all they way, and we want to give you everything you need!

Unless you have some complex tax issues, you won’t need a CPA until your nonprofit brings in over $50,000 per year. (Under $50,000, it’s a simple 5-minute Internet filing once a year, no financials.) 

Use our corporate checkup to make sure you are current and in compliance with state and federal regulations. The link to that will be in our final letter we email to you after you have received your 501c3 Determination Letter.

There are organizations that want to trick you into believing that you need to use their service for your nonprofit corporation to stay in compliance with your state.

They look very official as if they are actually coming from your state. Here is an example of a prominent California  (but your state may be quite different; these organizations are very skillful at making their solicitation appear to be very “official” looking): http://www.501c3GO.com/Corporate_Compliance.pdf.


We get calls from clients going back decades, asking us questions. After you get your 501c3 status, you’re still in our family. We still love you and will help you as we are able.

Knowledge Base

The Taxman’s Politics

The Taxman’s Politics Make an Appointment New evidence that IRS bias may have extended to tax audits. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – The Obama Administration

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Reinstate Revocation

Reinstate Revocation Make an Appointment Automatic Revocation – How to Have Your Tax-Exempt Status Retroactively Reinstated Organizations whose tax-exempt status was automatically revoked because they

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Avoiding the OFAC

Avoiding the OFAC Make an Appoinment AVOIDING THE OFAC The Office of Foreign Assets Control, and How it Affects Your Nonprofit   Many nonprofit organizations

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Corporate Compliance Scam

Corporate Compliance Scam Make an Appointment Corporate Compliance SCAM—this subject could be important to you. For helping us bring information to you about this scam,

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Foreign Operations

Foreign Operations Make an Appointment If you will operate in, or donate money to organizations located in foreign countries, or make other foreign expenditures of

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Corporate Checkup

Corporate Checkup Make an Appointment For good health, your nonprofit corporation needs a check-up from time to time, at least annually. If you want to

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Sample Answers 40-01

Sample Answers 40-01 Make an Appointment Sample Answers for Question 40-01 501c3 Questionnaire Over the years, we have been asked many times for a examples

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Charitable Solicitation

Charitable Solicitation Make an Appointment If you solicit charitable contributions, you may need to register with the state in which you are soliciting. Forty states

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