Faith Based

Religious-based nonprofits are how we got our start more than four decades ago. We launched the Flying [Missionary] Nurse of the Philippines, and that helped us launch our ministry for faith-based 501c3s.

We were El Shaddai Ministries for many years and helped only those nonprofits that were ministries, missions, or churches. During those many years, we served everybody from missionaries to far-flung outposts and forgotten places to those ministering to inner-city gangs and the homeless—as well as untold numbers of churches. We’ve seen it all and have launched them all.

We have set up missions and ministries for pastors and individuals of virtually every denomination there is. Just a few of the churches for whom we have set up the legal foundation are Calvary Chapel churches, Vineyard churches, Christian and Missionary Alliance churches and many, many others. We have set up ministries that have planted churches around the world.