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Are you or your organization outside the U.S.A.?

Would you like your own organization in the U.S. so that you can raise money for projects in the country you are in?

No problem. We do everything by e-mail so it’s smooth and easy.

  • You need someone in the U.S. to be your Contact Person and do some minimal tasks during the process of incorporation and securing tax-exempt status from the IRS (a phone call, printing out documents and mailing them to the Secretary of State and to the IRS). This person (or someone else in the U.S.) can be the incorporator.
  • You need a resident agent who resides in the state you decide to incorporate in (whose only responsibility is to pass legal papers on to the organization). If you don’t know of anyone who can be your resident agent, you can do an Internet search for “resident agent service” and find a company that can perform this service for you.
  • If you wish to receive tax-deductible donations, control of the organization must be in the hands of U.S. citizens or Permanent U.S. Residents. Further, your treasurer must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident, and your books (financial records) must be kept in the U.S.  If control, or treasurer, or books are outside the U.S., then you may still obtain 501(c)(3) status for your organization, but you may not receive tax-deductible contributions from individuals or businesses. You may only receive contributions from other 501c3s.
  • The organization must have a control mechanism to assure that any monies spent in your foreign country are actually going for the tax-exempt purposes you intend.
  • The organization cannot be merely a channel for contributions to a foreign charitable organization. Your corporation must review and approve foreign projects and have control and discretion as to the use of the contributions given to any foreign organizations. Specifically, Revenue Ruling 63-252, 1963-2 C.B. 101 and 66-79, 1966-1 C.B. 48 provide that contributions to certain domestic charitable organizations are deductible if it can be shown that the gift is, in fact, to or for the use of the domestic organization and that the domestic organization is not serving as an agent for, or a channel to, a foreign charitable organization. Contributions to the domestic organization would be deductible if the domestic organization has reviewed, and approved the foreign project as being in furtherance of its own exempt purpose and if the domestic organization has control and discretion as to the use of the contributions given to foreign organizations.

If your nonprofit has bank accounts outside the U.S., don’t forget FBAR. Click here for info.

Payment for our fees from outside the U.S. is only by wire transfer.