whiteglove 501c3 serviceWHITE GLOVE SERVICE


Occasionally our clients want our White Glove Service. These are people who have chauffeurs or just don’t want to do the work of filling out our simple straight-forward questionnaires and financials. Some clients don’t mind asking friends for help. We are always available to answer specific questions on everything in our process, including questions on our questionnaires. And with our normal service, you never pay extra for this. It’s just a part of our World Class Service. We have people that struggle with English that get through our questionnaires just fine.

So, nobody should need our White Glove Service. But some people (who would never think of mowing their own lawn) just want us to do it for them. Maybe it’s just not their thing to read directions and fill out questionnaires. They may be too artistic to think analytically, they may think their mental energy is better spent on other things, or whatever. They like the idea of other people doing this kind of work for them. Maybe they don’t want to ask their friends for a little help. Fine. We can accommodate that. We’ll do it together.


Level 1—We work with you on the phone, going through our questionnaires with you, helping you answer each and every question and helping you understand how to prepare your Financials for your 501c3 application.
Corporation Questionnaire                                         $400
Corporation EZ Questionnaire                                   $400
501c3 Questionnaire                                                    $400
501c3 Financials                                                           $400
IRS Schedules Questionnaires                                   $300 (each; you may have more than one schedule)
501c3 EZ Questionnaire                                              $400

Level 2—We take your questionnaire(s), and work with you by phone. We enter all your answers on the questionnaire(s) and financials. You don’t even return your questionnaire(s) and financials to us!

Corporation Questionnaire                                         $600
Corporation EZ Questionnaire                                   $600
501c3 EZ Questionnaire                                              $600
501c3 Questionnaire                                                    $600
IRS Schedules Questionnaires                                  $600 (each; you may have more than one Schedule)
501c3 Financials for new organizations                   $1,000
501c3 Financials with past years financials            $1500
On the phone with you while you file the EZ           $600

***Other White Glove Service available—just ask.

You can pay by debit/credit card at https://501c3go.com/make-a-payment