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What Is the Process?

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What is the Process?

Our success is due in part because we make a difficult and complex process easy for you, with precise instructions at every step. We do the “heavy lifting” while you “paint by the number.”

We have two or more questionnaires for you to fill out. This is how we get the information from you that we need to prepare all your documents. These questionnaires are Word documents, and you type the answers right on the questionnaires and email them back to us. We look them over very very carefully, and if we see any problem, we let you know. Once a questionnaire is completed, we prepare your documents (pdf documents) that you just print out and follow our instructions.

One questionnaire and one set of documents is for your corporation, and one questionnaire and one set of documents is for the IRS.

For the Economy-EZ, the IRS permits only online filing of the 501c3 application. We walk you through that process, and you only need to copy and paste from our form to their form. We make it so you don’t have to think. Just follow instructions. For the Premium, it is a paper copy where you follow our precise instructions and send it in to the IRS.

Our clients rarely get questions back from the IRS, but if the IRS should have more questions for you, we are here to help you.  After having prepared thousands of applications for the IRS, we know how to prepare the applications just the way the IRS likes them. It makes it easier for the agent to get your application his desk and make his manager happy. Our clients sometimes say we are persnickety, but that’s why the IRS likes our applications and rarely sends our clients additional questions.