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Why Choose 501c3GO

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  • Not all 501c3 preparation services are created equal.
  • What makes 501c3GO different and why is 501c3GO head and shoulders above other services?
  • What makes our World Class Service different?
    •           A Harvard lawyer has designed a process to make it easy for you (we know your time is valuable). More reasons below:
  • What do you need to look for in choosing a 501c3 preparation service?
  • Do you get 6 necessary corporate legal documents?
  • Are the legal documents prepared by an attorney?
    • Do you have a guarantee that you will even get IRS approval?
    • How many applications have been prepared for the IRS?
    • We have prepared 2800+ successful applications for the IRS
    • What is the success rate of the service for getting 501c3 status for its clients?
      •           Our success rate is 100%.
    • How long has the service been preparing 501c3 applications?
      •           We have been doing this for 35 years!
    • What is the Better Business Rating?
      •           Ours is A+.